Akhlak Brings People to Islam

This is the story of that Turkish who showed kindness to the Western man. Inshallah, hope we all can learn from him :

A Radio reporter asked a Western Muslim : Why did you convert to Islam? He replied: In 1963, my wife and I went on a private tour to Turkey, we were passing through a village and got lost. We saw a man passing by and asked him “if he was familiar with this area and asked him if there was a hotel?”, he replied: “We have no hotels around here, but you can come to my house. “

By the time we reached his home, it was night and dark, then we went to his house, it was more or less like a room which didn’t have light and very dim. We saw five children and two elderly people. Then he gave us a dinner which is quite a very simple meal. After we have eaten the food, he said “You and your wife sleep here in this room, myself and my family will sleep in the next room.

Then myself & my wife went to sleep. Next morning, I got up and went to thank him for his kindness. I came out of the room and discovered that there was no other extra room, the room we stayed was their whole home! Then , I went outside the room, we found him and his family was sleeping outside under a tree, enduring the cold.

Witnessing this sad scene, myself and my wife cried, I thought to myself, “this is real Islam, not the Islam that we have heard back home.”

I asked the man: How can I understand what is Islam? He said: You read the translation of the Qur’an and and also Hadith book, then you can learn true Islam.

I bought a translation of the Qur’an and Hadith book, I read them for full two months. After that, I declared, “There is no God but Allah, and prophet Mohamed (pbup) is the last messenger of Allah”

Praise be to Allah, now I am Muslim, I have the responsibility and obligations to convey Islam to non-Muslims. Through me, almost a thousand people have reverted to Islam. Currently, I’m in Romania building an Islamic Centre, my wish is to spread Islam to the entire world.

– – – – – – – – – – –

My dear brothers and sisters,

Through the beautiful akhlaq (practice of virtue, morality and manners) of Islam and with good moral character , this Turkish man was able to gain so much rewards even without spending money.

Just ask ourselves, how easy to spread Islam. Simple kindness but brought great rewards to him. It is more powerful and effective than any kind of way.

“You (oh Muhammad) really have a great moral character.” (Quran 68 chapter 4).

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